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How to add a logo to your website

Get a logo

First of all, get one. It’s a big investment in making your business recognisable. There are many ways to get a logo, from free to professional and expensive.

We can help you create a logo for free when you sign up for the Professional Plan on an annual commitment.

If you already have a logo, then you can upload that and it will display on your storefront pages. The logo will also be used by default in your email notifications, invoices and as a favicon. If you later change the store logo, you will also need to manually upload the new logo in email notifications and invoices settings.

The store logo should be no less than 140 x 140 px (or at least 280 x 280 px to render well on Retina). You can upload a bigger image. In this case, sauecommerce will automatically resize it to fit into the logo block of 480 x 140 px.

The supported image formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF

Add a logo to your website

a) From your sauecommerce control panel, go to Website and click Edit.

b) On the opened page, click Headline & Cover image.

c) Scroll down and click Store logo.

d) Click Upload logo

e) Note that your site is immediately updated

f) In the Logo position drop-down, choose where you want to show the logo.

g) There is also an option to hide the logo and use it only for the favicon.

h) If you want to make your logo round, enable the Round logo option.

i) Click on the blue button to save your changes

Check that your logo displays properly

a) Load new browser window (so you see how the rest of the world will see the logo on your website)

b) Enter your website address For this demo, our site address is Replace

<starterpage> with your chosen website name.

c) Note that your beautiful responsive, and mobile friendly website now contains your logo:

d) You may also test it on your mobile like the below:

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