Getting started with sauecommerce

Our Sauecommerce platform includes a free website with built-in e-commerce. It enables you to instantly create your own website with the easy-to-use editor and start selling online at any time. Features include: 

  • Mobile friendly: our free website has adaptive design and works well across different devices — mobiles, tablets, and widescreens.
  • Search engine friendly: the site is naturally indexed byGoogle.
  • Customisable: You can easily change the look of the site to your liking. There are plenty of pre-built themes and appearance options to choose from.

Create a new Sauecommerce account

a)To create your new site, navigate to You’ll be taken to the following signup page: 

b)Click on ‘Create new Sauecommerce account’ as highlighted below:

c) Enter your name

d) Enter your email address

e) Choose a memorable password

f) Your screen should now look like the below

g) Click next to setup your online store

Setup your new website

You don’t require any programming or coding skills create a new website — our platform includes an intuitive editor with lots of design options that help you make the site your own. The editor has several blocks such as Themes, Headline & Cover Image, Store, Company’s Mission, Customer testimonials, About, Location, and Contact information. You can choose which blocks to show and how to arrange them in Instant Site to better tell your business story.

a) On the next page, click on website on the left navigation like in the image below

b) On the next page, click on ‘Edit website’ like in the image below

c) The first thing you’d like to do is change the website address. Click on the ‘Address settings’ to enable the flyout card:

d) On the flyout card, replace the default value ‘store123456’ with your preferred store name.

e) For the purpose of developing this guide, we’ve used sauecommerce:

f) Click on the blue button to save your changes.

Change the look and feel of your site

You can customise your site’s appearance by adjusting the layout, colours, fonts, and theme of your site. Instant site is packed to the brim with design tools and almost endless design options to make creating your ultimate storefront fast, easy, and almost too much fun. Follow these steps to edit site appearance:

a) Click Themes to select a free predesigned theme that fits your business the best

b) You can edit the chosen theme any time to suit your unique brand: upload your own cover image, change the typography, etc.

c) You may also filter by business category. For this demo, we filtered by Electronics & Computers and then selected the SoundCast theme as it matches our brand:

d) Change headline and cover image. From Headline & Cover Image, go to Headline to add your store name, or a slogan, or a greeting.

e) Click on the flyout arrow to open the headline. It will contain sample text based on the theme you selected.

f) Below is the default text for the SoundCast Theme:

g) For the purpose of this demo, we changed the Headline and Description to this:

h) In the Description, enter brief information about your store, as well as list your special offers, announce some promo events or share the promo codes. Although the field is optional, we recommend filling it out for better Search Engine Optimisation rankings. The text that you enter here will be used for the site’s meta description tag, therefore you can improve your Site SEO if you use in the description some keywords relevant for your business niche.

i) Click on the blue button above to save your changes.

Add your brand story

Our sauecommerce platform consists of several blocks that help you present your company and explain to your customers who you are, what you offer, and what sets you apart. Follow these steps to update your content:

a) Click Company’s Mission to share the story of your business, how it has started, why you have picked this niche. You can also describe the advantages of your products, how your customers can benefit from your store, the goals you are trying to achieve with your business and anything else that would help customers understand your values. You can also change the section title anytime.

b) For the purpose of the demo, we replace the default text with our own mission statement as follows:

c) Click Customer Testimonials to add customer feedback on your store or products to build more trust with your audience. When potential customers see that you consistently listen to the voice of your clients, whether it’s positive or negative, they will be more willing to buy from you. You can add up to four testimonials to your Instant Site. Enter the customer review text into the Testimonial #1 field, add the customer name and a caption below and upload the customer photo if possible.

d) Click About to describe what person or team is behind your brand, highlight the important milestones of your business and tell customers how your product or service was built to change lives.

e) Use Location and Contact information to add your contact details, working hours and to provide links to your social media.

Delete existing products

When you create a new SaueCommerce account, you’ll find some demo products preloaded in the store catalogue. Follow these steps to delete:

a) From your SaueCommerce admin, go to Catalog → Products.

b) In the expanded menu, select Products

c) On the next page, tick the checkbox to select all products in the catalogue 

d) Click Bulk Update that appears above the product list

e) In the drop-down menu, choose Delete Selected:

f) On the confirmation screen, choose ‘Yes’ to delete all demo products

Test your website

Well done!

If you’ve have made it this far, then you are ready to you’re ready to test your new site. Follow the steps below:

a) Load new browser window (so you see how the rest of the world will see your site)

b) Enter your address, For this demo, our site address is Replace <sauecommerce> with your chosen name.

c) Note that your beautiful responsive, and mobile friendly website is now live: